Ph.D. Alumni오효선 / Hyoseon Oh / Ph.D. / 2023-03 ~ 2023-09

2. Oh H*, Lee S, Oh Y, Kim S, Kim YS, Yang Y, Choi W, Yoo YE, Cho H, Lee S, Yang E, Koh W, Won W, Kim R, Lee CJ, Kim H, Kang H, Kim JY, Ku T, Paik SB, and Kim E. (2023).

Kv7/KCNQ potassium channels in cortical hyperexcitability and juvenile seizure-related death in Ank2-mutant mice.

Nat Commun, 14(1):3547. (abstract)

1. Kim S*, Oh H*, Choi SH, Yoo YE, Noh YW, Cho Y, Im GH, Lee C, Oh Y, Yang E, Kim G, Chung WS, Kim H, Kang H, Bae Y, Kim SG, and Kim E. (2022).
Postnatal age-differential ASD-like transcriptiomic, synaptic, and behavioral deficits in Myt1l-mutant mice.
Cell Rep 40:111398. (abstract)