YearNumberAuthors / Title / Journal
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Structural basis for LAR-RPTP/Slitrk complex-mediated synaptic adhesion.
Nat Commun 5:5423. (abstract)

Kimura T*, Whitcomb DJ*, Jo J*, Regan P, Piers T, Heo S, Brown C, Hashikawa T, Murayama M, Seok H, Sotiropoulos I, Kim E, Collingridge GL, Takashima A, and Cho K. (2014).
Microtubule associated protein tau (MAPT) is essential for long-term depression in the hippocampus.
Phil Trans R Soc B 369:20130144. (abstract)

2014110Lee H, Lee EJ, Song YS, and Kim E. (2014).
Long-term depression-inducing stimuli promote cleavage of the synaptic adhesion molecule NGL-3 through NMDA receptors, matrix metalloproteinases and presenilin/γ-secretase.
Phil Trans R Soc B 369:20130158. (abstract)