YearNumberAuthors / Title / Journal
2023209Kim H and Kim E. (2023).
Genetic background determines synaptic phenotypes in Arid1b-mutant mice.
Front Psychiatry, in press.

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Brain-region-specific changes in neurons and glia and dysregulation of dopamine signaling in Grin2a mutant mice.

Neuron, 111:3378. (abstract)


Noh YW*, Kim Y*, Lee S, Kim Y, Shin JJ, Kang H, Kim I, and Kim E. (2023).

The PFC-LH-VTA pathway contributes to social deficits in IRSp53-mutant mice.

Mol Psych, in press. (abstract)


Byun YG, Kim NS, Kim G, Jeon YS, Choi JB, Park CW, Kim K, Jang H, Kim J, Kim E, Han YM, Yoon KJ, Lee SH, Chung WS. (2023).

Stress induces behavioral abnormalities by increasing expression of phagocytic receptor, MERTK, in astrocytes to promote synapse phagocytosis.

Immunity, 56:2105. (abstract)


Cho H*, Yoo T*, Moon H, Kang H, Yang Y, Kang M, Yang E, Lee D, Hwang D, Kim H, Kim D, Kim JY, and Kim E. (2023).

Adnp-mutant mice with cognitive inflexibility, CaMKIIα hyperactivity, and synaptic plasticity deficits.

Mol Psych, 28:3548. (abstract)


Oh H*, Lee S, Oh Y, Kim S, Kim YS, Yang Y, Choi W, Yoo YE, Cho H, Lee S, Yang E, Koh W, Won W, Kim R, Lee CJ, Kim H, Kang H, Kim JY, Ku T, Paik SB, and Kim E. (2023).

Kv7/KCNQ potassium channels in cortical hyperexcitability and juvenile seizure-related death in Ank2-mutant mice.

Nat Commun, 14:3547. (abstract)


Roig Adam A, Martínez-López JA, van der Spek SJF; SYNGO consortium; Sullivan PF, Smit AB, Verhage M, Hjerling-Leffler. (2023).

Transcriptional diversity in specific synaptic gene sets discriminates cortical neuronal identity.

Biol Direct. 18:22. (abstract)

2023202Jeon YS, Jeong D, Kweon H, Kim JH, Kim CY, Oh Y, Lee YH, Kim CH, Kim SG, Jeong JW, Kim E, and Lee SH. (2023).
Adolescent parvalbumin expression in the left orbitofrontal cortex shapes sociability in female mice.
J Neurosci 43:1555. (abstract)
Lee S*, Kweon H*, Kang H, and Kim E. (2023).
Age-differential sexual dimorphisms in CHD8-S62X-mutant mouse synapses and transcriptomes.
Front Mol Neurosci 16:1111388. (abstract)

Kang M*, Zhang Y*, Kang HR*, Kim S, Ma R, Yi Y, Lee S, Kim Y, Li H, Jin C, Lee D, Kim E**, and Han K**. (2023).
CYFIP2 p.Arg87Cys causes neurological defects and degradation of CYFIP2.
Ann Neurol 93:155. (abstract)