YearNumberAuthors / Title / Journal
2020170Jang S, Yang E, Kim D, Kim H, and Kim E. (2020).
Clmp regulates AMPA and kainate receptor responses in the neonatal hippocampal CA3 and kainate seizure susceptibility in mice.
Front Synaptic Neurosci 12:567075. (abstract)
2020169Lee SH*, Zhang Y*, Park J, Kim B, Kim Y, Lee SH, Kim GH, Huh YH, Lee B, Kim Y, Lee Y, Kim JY, Kang H, Choi SY, Jang S, Li Y, Kim S, Jin C, Pang K, Kim E, Lee Y, Kim H, Kim E, Choi JH, Kim J, Lee KJ**, Choi SY**, Han K** (2020).
Haploinsufficiency of Cyfip2 causes lithium-responsive prefrontal dysfunction.
Ann Neurol 88:526. (abstract)
168Shin W*, Kim K*, Serraz B, Cho YS, Kim D, Kang M, Lee EJ, Lee H, Bae YC, Paoletti P, and Kim E. (2020).
Early correction of synaptic long-term depression improves abnormal anxiety-like behavior in adult GluN2B-C456Y-mutant mice.
PLoS Biol 18:e3000717. (abstract)
167Park H*, Choi Y*, Jung H*, Kim S*, Lee S, Han H, Kweon H, Kang S, Sim WS, Koopmans F, Yang E, Kim H, Smit AB, Bae YC, Kim E. (2020).
Splice-dependent trans-synaptic PTPδ-IL1RAPL1 interaction regulates synapse formation and non-REM sleep.
EMBO J e104150. (abstract)
166Kim K*, Shin W*, Kang M, Lee S, Kim D, Kang R, Jung Y, Cho Y, Yang E, Kim H, Bae YC, and Kim E. (2020).
Presynaptic PTPs regulates postsynaptic NMDA receptor function through direct adhesion-independent mechanisms.
eLife 9:e54224. (abstract)
165Yoo T, Kim SG, Yang SH, Kim H, Kim E, and Kim SY. (2020).
A DLG2 deficiency in mice leads to reduced sociability and increased repetitive behavior accompanied by aberrant synaptic transmission in the dorsal striatum.
Mol Autism 11:19. (abstract)
164Kim Y*, Noh YW*, Kim K, Yang E, Kim H, and Kim E. (2020).
IRSp53 deletion in glutamatergic and GABAergic neurons and in male and female mice leads to distinct electrophysiological and behavioral phenotypes.
Front Cell Neurosci 14:23. (abstract)
163Ey E#, Bourgeron T#, Boeckers TM#, Kim E#, and Han K#. (2020).
Editorial: Shankopathies: Shank Protein Deficiency-Induced Synaptic Diseases.
Front Mol Neurosci 13:11. (abstract)